Link Building Guide


Top 10 Link Building Techniques

Now that your amazing website is ready, you must be on the lookout for the best link building service that will use the top 10 link building techniques to promote your site. If you have taken all the trouble to optimize your site with the right keywords and yet find the site ranked way beyond page 8 in Google and other search engines, it is time to choose a professional SEO link building company and hand over the responsibility to experts.

Here are the most important top 10 strategies used by the best Buy Backlinks to improve web marketing and to enhance search engine rankings.

  1. Choose quality backlinks – It is always advisable to choose quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. High quality backlinks that are relevant help endorse your site to be authoritative, informative and trustworthy. By high quality links we mean links that are placed on the right articles leading to one of your web pages relevant to the topic of the article. Google calls links high quality when the anchor text, article content and the page are on the same topic.
  2. Links must be legitimate and relevant to the site – The best way to be recognized by Google and other search engines is to ensure that the links are relevant and legitimate. They must be from legitimate sites that talk about the same subject as your website. It is also important to refrain from choosing spam links.
  3. Quality links from high quality content – There is no doubt that high quality content attracts the right links. For this, you must write effective blog posts that are topical, controversial, useful, interesting and even funny. This is the best way to create link bait that will attract other webmasters who want to share their blogs and link to your site.
  4. Offering something valuable in return for quality links – Another effective way to get quality links is to offer something in return. You can offer informative and valuable content that contains a link to your site or contains an anchor text.
  5. Link exchanges are not considered to be of high quality – Google does not recognize links exchanged between two webmasters are high quality links. The best SEO strategists advise against this practice.
  6. Online directory listing – Use one or more categories to list your business in prominent online directories. You can include a backlink to your site in your listing. Search engines prefer directories edited by humans. Choose directories relevant to your industry for quick results.
  7. Buy relevant links - One of the top 10 link building techniques is to shop smart for links. If you do not know how to do it on your own, it is worth paying an SEO link building service provider who know exactly how to shop smart for the best quality links.
  8. Identify link patterns – Find out exactly where your target audience will look for links before formulating the right link building campaign for your site.
  9. Beat competition with the right link strategies – It is not enough to copy the link strategies used by successful web masters. A better way is to create original, high quality content and capitalize on aspects your competitors’ lack.
  10. Focus holistically – Rather than focusing only on Google, it is a good idea enhancing targeted traffic from various sites using the right link-marketing tactics.

These are the top 10 link building techniques that will help power your website to prominence, rope in a lot of targeted traffic and improve business online.